Say What You Will - U.S.
​Say What You Will - Japan Promo
Say What You Will - Japan Promo w/OBI
​Say What You Will - Japan Promo w/OBI (still sealed)
Made To Be Broken - U.S.
​Made To Be Broken - Japan Promo
While You Were Out - U.S.
While You Were Out  - Japan Promo w/ OBI (still sealed)​
Clam Dip & Other Delights - U.S.
Insomniac's Dream  (From Holland)
Hang Time - U.S.
​Hang Time - U.K. - Promo Alternate cover​
Hang Time - Japan Promo w/ OBI​ (still sealed)
Hang Time - Japan  Alternate cover
And The Horse They Rode In  On - U.S.
​And The Horse – U.S. Promo with 3 bonus tracks
And The Horse - Japan Promo w/OBI​ (still sealed)
Grave Dancers Union - U.S.
Grave Dancers Union - Japan  Promo w/OBI​
Let You Dim Light Shine - U.S.
​Let You Dim Light Shine - U.K. Promo
​​​Let Your Dim Light Shine - French Promo
​​Let You Dim Light Shine -  Japan promo w/OBI
Candy From A Stranger -U.S.
Candy From A Stranger - U.S. ( w/ bonus disc)
​Candy From A Stranger - Japan Promo w/OBI
​The Candy Sampler - U.S. Promo (2 copies)
Black Gold : Best Of - Japan w/OBI​
Black Gold : Best of.. - U.S.
Closer To The Stars.. Twin Tone Years - U.S.
Welcome to the Minority - U.S.
The Silver  Lining - Japan w/OBI​
​The Silver Lining – U.S. Promo (cd-r)
The Silver Lining - U.S. (with bonus 4 song DVD)
After The Flood - Japan
​After The Flood - U.S. (test pressing)
After The Flood - U.S.
After The Flood  - Gold Edition - Germany (Gold CD)​​ 
​Delayed Reaction - U.S. Promo
Delayed Reaction - U.S. - Best Buy Version (4 bonus tracks)​
CD Singles 
Cartoon - U.S. Promo single​
​Easy Street – U.S. Promo single
​Spinnin – U.S. Promo single
​Something Out Of Nothing – U.S. Promo (with 3 live songs)
​Runaway Train - U.S.
​Runaway Train – UK promo single
​Runaway Train - Japan Promo w/OBI
​Somebody To Shove – Australia (2 copies)
Somebody To Shove – U.K.
​Somebody To Shove – U.K. Promo single
Somebody To Shove – U.S. Promo single
​Black Gold -U.S. Promo single
Black Gold – U.K.
Black Gold - U.K. Gold Edition (gold CD different songs)​
Black Gold – German
​Without A Trace – German
​Without A Trace – U.S. Promo single
​​Alternative Nation 1994 - 3" Japan Only Promo EP​
​Misery – U.S. Version #1 E.P. (2 copies)
Misery - U.S.
Misery – U.K.
​Misery – U.K. Promo
Misery – German
​Misery – U.S.Promo single
Misery – French Promo single
Misery - Japan Promo w/OBI​
​Misery - Japan Promo (One song/ special sleeve)
​Just Like Anyone – U.S. Promo single
Just Like Anyone – Australia
Just Like Anyone –U.K.
Just Like Anyone German
​Just Like Anyone - Japan Promo w/OBI​​​
​Just Like Anyone - Israel Promo single​
Promises Broken - Japan
​Promises Broken - Japan Promo​ w/OBI
Promises Broken – German
Promises Broken - UK
Promises Broken - French
​Promises Broken –U.S. Promo single
Promises Broken – French Promo single
Can't Even Tell – Australia
​Can't Even Tell- U.S. Promo single
​Close – U.S. Promo single
Stand Up And Be Strong - E.P.  (with 5 live songs)
​Losin' It + 2 - U.S. Promo single
Gravity - U.S. Promo single​​

Dave Pirner -  Faces & Names - U.S. Promo
​Dave Pirner - Never Recover - U.S. Promo Single
​Dave Pirner - Faces & Names - Test Pressing - Songs in different order