The ultimate Soul Asylum collection of live, demos and unreleased songs.
In full it includes 8 audio CD's and 2 DVD's for a total of 10 discs.

After hearing hundreds of hours of live shows and collecting them for twenty years it was time to put this together and get it to the fans.

Soul Asylum used to have the title of " The Best Live Band In America" and this will let you see and hear why. It also shows how ahead of their time the band was and still is.

In making this set I tried to pick shows and songs for these reasons.

Year it was recorded
Historic value
Overall playing of the band
Sound quality

Some songs have been re EQ and volume added. Others have not been touched.

All coming from the lowest generation of the sources that could be found.
So if you already have a show included here you still might want this version.

For example : Marquette University – Milwaukee April 28 1989
This is by far the best source and best version of this show I've ever heard.

Both of the DVD's in this set have had better audio added to them for better enjoyment.

Disc Six - Toronto Oct. 30 1990 DVD – A HUGE Thanks goes out to Jesse H. for being able to sync up the video and a better audio source together. This disc alone is something I've been looking forward to seeing for 18 years and it's been worth the wait.

April 12 1991 Madison, WI - DVD
                  (Dave & Dan)​